Saturday, April 30, 2011

The big migration

We love investing. In our quest to collect and analyze more data on more companies, we had accumulating many engineering "debts." And so we spent the last month cleaning up the StockPup website, and solving various deferred engineering issues. This work culminated in our "big migration" to the cloud infrastructure powered by Amazon Web Services.

We were quite happy with our previous web hosting company, DreamHost. We still think they offer a great hosting solution that makes it very easy to prototype and run small web sites. Their customer service is terrific. Thanks DreamHost! However, as StockPup subscriber base grew, we felt it was time to move to a more scalable and highly reliable solution.

Today, is running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or "EC2". In a great irony of life, Amazon had one of its worse outages of all time in the middle of our switch over, bringing many Amazon-hosted sites down, including Reddit and Quora, and slowing down our work. We remain confident, however, that over the long haul Amazon will help us run a responsive and reliable site that you will enjoy.

We'd also like to thank several blogs that helped us migrate our Django-powered site to Amazon EC2. It would have been hard and lonely up there without you:

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